Green credentials

My interest in green dates back to the 1970s to wind energy when the devices were crude and not very powerful. However, the bulk of my green technology coverage took place when I created the Green Engineering blog at Design News in 2006 and subsequently co-authored the Thinking Tech blog at I have been regularly covering topics such as the smart grid, climate change and renewable energy for past four years. What’s more, I’ve solar on my house since 2012 and generate 95% of my electricity from the sun. Heat pumps along with wood and pellet stoves are also part the energy mix at my house.

Below is small sampling of headlines that link to that work.

Thinking Tech,

GE: By 2015, we will make every home net zero energy

Smart Grid spying worries advocates privacy advocates

What is a smart grid anyway?

Ford’s smart grid tease

Smart grid basics and why you should care

Smart grid 1.0 a big step in overhauling electricity infrastrcture

DOE’s Chu pledges $144 million to smart grid training programs, jobs

Homing in on wind and solar energy

Caltech’s cheaper solar promises to double efficiency

U.S hold solar energy lead, but China coming on fast

Petra pole panels a solar no-brainer’

Green Engineering (Design News)

Google, Harvard’s Wissner debates CO2 from web search

Gasoline’s dismal future

LG Chem’s win over A123 raises questions

Wind turbines not in my back yard

Wave and wind hybrid projects taking root

Miles driven continue to decline

Message in a BPA-free bottle

Nortel assesses “Cisco energy tax” in its ads

Conservation is a sham, smart consumption isn’t

T. Boone blather

Algae becoming bio-fuel feedstock


  1. BillinBoston says:

    Did you know that an American dog has an annual ecological footprint that is twice that of a Toyota Land Cruiser? Feeding the dog meat byproducts is worse for the environment than feeding an SUV petroleum byproducts.

  2. John says:

    As Johnny Carson would say, I did not know that.

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