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Tesla Model S as much a thrill as a pleasure to drive

The Model S Performance version recently was the most pleasurable vehicle I’ve driven.

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Zen and the art of Kubota grass blower repair

[caption id="attachment_2584" align="alignright" width="352"] Faulty housing on right. Rebuilt on left.[/caption] Kubota tractors are wonderfully overbuilt, but nightmarish to work on, so much so I sense

Why I despise car shopping

I knew it would be a waste of two hours. The salesman would go through the usual interrogation, asking me for contact information, what colors I liked, how

Automotive tales of my youth

I wrote the following paper in 2002 about my unique history with automobiles for a literary club called the Tuesday Night Club. The paper deeply resonated with members

Kubota B2100 tractor healthy and running again

Last Sunday, I bolted down the seat on my Kubota B2100 tractor, thus completing a difficult and lengthy replacement of a ruptured metal hydraulic line. [caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignleft"

Pontiac Officially Dies on Halloween – RIP

A friend sent me this Pontiac eulogy on e-mail (456 stories on Google News this morning)....thought it was worth running here for Dodge Retort fans. I added the

Onion Dings Boeing for latest 787 Delay

A story a few days ago about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in The Economist pointed out:

"When The Onion starts making fun of your company's problems, you're in trouble. It

The `67 Camaro Comes Home

A week ago, I did something uncharacteristically impulsive...or stupid: I bought a 1967 Camaro Sports Coupe at the 33rd annual Owls Head Transportation Museum auction in Maine.

Turning in my FAST LANE transponders

You'd think FAST LANE makes life easier getting you through tolls faster. But if you're account does not stay current which can occur quite innocently, FAST LANE makes

Mass. FAST LANE Tom Foolery

The bureaucracy and rules behind the Massachusetts FAST LANE could well be termed the HACK LANE. That's because it punishes good customers (me!) and then makes them jump

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