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Apple 5C and 5S do not lack for innovation

Tweet Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. The new iPhone 5C is being derided in some quarters for trivial improvements such as splashy colors. Apple, the critics say, has lost its edge in innovation because it did not come […]

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Identifying with “Disrupted: My Misadventures in the Start-Up Bubble”

There's much to like about the book "Disrupted: My Adventures in the Start-Up Bubble" especially if you are tired of the nonstop hype around tech start-ups

Lumberjacks, Eric Lundquist and “Disrupted: My Misadventures in the Start-Up Bubble”

"In the blood" is a delightful remembrance of timbering in the northern Maine woods which thrived for about 100 years from the mid 1800s. Producer Sumner

An uninvited guest at Bill Gates’ wedding: Spencer F. Katt

[caption id="attachment_2981" align="alignright" width="300"] Richard and I at his Maui home 4000 feet up on the Haleakala Volcana in May, 2003.[/caption] This is the best Spencer F. Katt

Reaching the digital device breaking point

[caption id="attachment_2842" align="alignright" width="150"] Garmin left, Fitbit right.[/caption] "Log Food, Log Weight, Log Sleep, Log Water." LOG THIS! When I accidentally brought up this menu in my Fitbit Dashboard on

MacBook versus Windows 10 PC – no contest

MacBook or a Windows 10? That was a decision I faced after leaving my job July 17th (semi-retirement), which precipitated the return of my company-provided MacBook Pro. It was

Win 10 in my neighborhood not taking a bite out of Apple

[caption id="attachment_2809" align="alignright" width="150"] Microsoft[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2810" align="alignright" width="150"] Apple[/caption]   I visited Microsoft and Apple stores this afternoon to comparison shop Windows 10 PCs against MacBooks. Could Windows

Alan Turing’s deserving tribute

The Imitation Game is mind blowing on several levels, but at the end I could not help but think how much my wife Ann and I owe

My first drone: I returned it

My wife nicely got me the Parrott Bebop drone for Christmas. Admittedly, it is a toy that would likely gather dust after the novelty wore off. I never

Which price is it, Amazon?

I love shopping at Amazon, but find it a bit confusing sometimes:

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