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CEOs now make 380x the average worker

Tweet The wealthy get wealthier in nanoseconds now….check out this graphic…follow me on Twitter

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Ted Sorensen – My Brief Encounter

Last year, I met Theodore "Ted" Sorensen at MIT's 40th anniversary celebration for the Apollo 13 moon landing. In my eyes, Sorensen was a great behind-the-scenes string puller

Why I still REALLY like President Obama

I keep hearing President Obama's popularity ratings are plummeting. My question is why? On a macro scale, he's done just about everything he promised to in the 2007-08 campaign:

This Democrat feels betrayed by Coakley’s Incomptetence

As a Democrat, I feel utterly let down by Martha Coakley. In a word, the campaign she ran against Republican Scott Brown STUNK! Except for the last 10

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