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Verizon Wireless tireless and not always above board in trying to lengthen contracts

Beware: VzW is constantly trying to get you to re-up your contract even when you’re starting out in a new contract.

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Three way video interview over the Internet, thanks Oovoo

This is very cool. A three-way interview with one person in Brussels, another in Toronto and yours truly in West Newbury, Mass. I was using a MacBook

Verizon Wireless bandwidth, call minutes limits: there has to be a better way

I have been on a work vacation in Florida this week and have used my iPhone hotspot for Internet access. Since that costs $20 a month and it

WiFi can make you famous

"Of, so you're John Dodge," the person next to me at lunch said as if he knew me. Well, he did a little even though I had never met

cable hairball

Cable clutter reflects a tethered world (wireless not so much)

In this `not as wireless a world as we like to think,' I am being strangled by cables. I trip over ones around my desk and just organized


The iTunes Hairball

Among Sun Microsystems (now Oracle something or other) founder Scott NcNealy's favorite potshots at Microsoft was calling Windows a "hairball." Know what? iTunes is a bigger

Verizon iPhone announced, arrives early February

The Verizon iPhone arrived at 11 a.m. ET this morning, but Verizon's Wireless (VW) site is very clearly being bombarded with requests. So I grabbed a VW photo

The Smartphone Buyer’s Upgrade Dilemma

If you're eligible for your mobile smartphone upgrade right now, it's a tough time to make a move. And it might be better to wait. I am a Verizon

To 4G or not to 4G

For now, my 4G decision is easy because Verizon has already made it for me. It's way too expensive and I have to wait because the service in

In 2011, lots of un-friending, mobile apps make $$

Below are seven 2011 predictions from Scott Lahman, CEO of GOGII which develops texting apps. If you've got 2011 predictions, send them my way and TDR

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