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Identifying with “Disrupted: My Misadventures in the Start-Up Bubble”

“It’s vintage Dan hyperventilating about how he might never have a job or work again. Puhleez. Dan was already tech journalist rock star who could easily get a job even a super tight market for journalists.”

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Lumberjacks, Eric Lundquist and “Disrupted: My Misadventures in the Start-Up Bubble”

"In the blood" is a delightful remembrance of timbering in the northern Maine woods which thrived for about 100 years from the mid 1800s. Producer Sumner

Journalists will like Spotlight, the flick

As a lifelong journalist, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Spotlight because it shows the power of persistent reporting in the face of long odds. "Show them. Don't tell

Twitter turns seven video

This is a great video summarizing Twitter's first seven years. It's short, of course.

Verizon Wireless tireless and not always above board in trying to lengthen contracts

Anyone reading my rants knows I've been railing against Verizon Wireless (VzW) phone contracts, and why not? The carrier just keeps giving me more ammunition. Here's two more little

Text replaces voice with twenty somethings

We all know twenty somethings text like mad, but I thought this Verizon Wireless phone bill really drove home the point. Circled in red are my 23-year-old

Three way video interview over the Internet, thanks Oovoo

This is very cool. A three-way interview with one person in Brussels, another in Toronto and yours truly in West Newbury, Mass. I was using a MacBook

Government would nuke Manhattan

We saw The Avengers and although it's not typically my kind of movie, I enjoyed it. Good bid of humor, lots of action and a great

Verizon Wireless bandwidth, call minutes limits: there has to be a better way

I have been on a work vacation in Florida this week and have used my iPhone hotspot for Internet access. Since that costs $20 a month and it versus

For the past few days, I've been exploring, the new paid web site for the Boston Globe. It's longstanding will remain free and become

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