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Government would nuke Manhattan

Nuking Manhattan is a question use of my tax dollars.

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Why banks give us so many reasons to hate them

We are continually reminded why it is so to hate, no, despise, banks. This arrived from friend via e-mail, and is supposedly legit. Even if it isn't, it's

Stanley Bostitch’s Century Long Warranty

You've heard of the lifetime warranty, but I just got a Stanley Bostitch (SB) nail puller with a a "100-year limited warranty." [caption id="attachment_1447" align="alignright" width="368" caption="Warrantied for a

Bill Lee Disses Steinbrenner in Death

Hilarious video of former Red Sox lefty Bill Lee showing no remorse at the death of George Steinbrenner...Bill, we love ya! Follow me on Twitter.

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