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Pan Mass Challenge III – shorter but just as rewarding

Tweet My third Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) was shorter this year, but just as rewarding. The weather was much cooler than last year which made the 84 miles single day ride from Wellesley to Bourne, Massachusetts significantly easier – that versus …

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Which price is it, Amazon?

I love shopping at Amazon, but find it a bit confusing sometimes:

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Pet damage and accidents cost owners $3B annually: “Overweight, Overprotective and Coddled Pets Most Dangerous”

I usually hit the delete button, but this press release about household damaged caused by pets caught my eye. It's interesting and amusing enough where I said to

Why I despise car shopping

I knew it would be a waste of two hours. The salesman would go through the usual interrogation, asking me for contact information, what colors I liked, how

Gun control: it’s just common sense.

I read this paper on gun control to the Tuesday night Club on April 2, 2013 Propelled by the tragic shootings in Newtown, the rancorous gun

Nuff said….

Fitbit pedometer rocks…except when you lose it

Since surgery in late August, I have been doing a lot of walking and hiking. Liking gadgets, I often wondered how far, how many steps

Rooftop solar energy in the dark days of December

When the days are short and skies cloudy, the output from my 29 rooftop solar panels drops precipitously. So far during this gloomy December, my system has produced just

Thank you, Pan Mass donors!

Thanks to the 85 Pan Mass donors who donated $7,980.18 to Dana Farber Cancer Institute on my behalf. It's been an interesting year given I was diagnosed with

Coping with illness, my way

The day one learns one has cancer, everything changes. That's my sense three months into my battle with prostate cancer. [caption id="attachment_2441" align="alignright" width="225" caption="me, this morning"][/caption] The notion

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